Launch Your Collection

Below is detailed guide on how to prepare your images, deploy the collection, and manage its properties.
You need to prepare a folder with your images and some information such as the collection title and description. The LAY3RZ platform will handle everything else: the contract deployment, the NFT mint page generation, the lazy minting functionality, the generation of the image, metadata and attributes with rarities, and many more.
Deployment is completely free but the platform will take a small 5% fee from each NFT sale. This fee is used to sustain the platform's infrastructure, fund the development of new fancy features, and organize awesome community events and NFT art competitions.

Folder Preparation

Your images folder should have the following structure
{z-index} should be replace with a natural number indicating the level of the layer. 0 is furthest back. 1 is on top of 0, 2 is on top of 1, and so on.
{probability-weight} should be replaced with a positive integer representing the rarity of the trait.
For example, if you have a layer called Hat with 3 versions: Silver, Gold, Diamond and you want Gold to be 5 times rarer than Silver and Diamond to be 5 times rarer than Gold, you would call the files as follows:
/2_Hat/25_Silver.png /2_Hat/5_Gold.png /2_Hat/1_Diamond.png
If you want all images to have the same probability you can just use the same number for all images, for example 1.
The .png extension, the first number (indicating z-index or rarity) and the first underscore (between the first number and the text) will all be removed when generating the names and values of attributes. The remaining underscores will be replaced with spaces.
For example if you want a layer (attribute name) called "Left Weapon" and an attribute value called "Fire Sword" the folder and file names may look something like this:

Example Template

You can check out the example below:

Create Collection

  1. 1.
    Go to [Create]
  2. 2.
    Upload Folder
  3. 3.
    Fill in data (name, description, price, sale start date, enabled, etc)
  4. 4.
    Click Create and Complete the Transaction in your Wallet
After the transaction is processed you will have your own custom collection with minting functionality. You will be able to edit some properties of your mint/sale. Users will be able to preview different possible NFTs and view the different possible attributes with their rarities. Once minting is live, users will be able to mint NFTs and see the attributes and rarities of their personal NFTs.


Collection admins can modify any property of their collection to match their launch plan. This allows the simulation of different pricing policies such as fixed price, dutch-auction decreasing price or whitelist based increasing price.
  • Set sale start time
  • Enable/Disable (or Pause/Unpause) minting
  • Adjust price per token
  • Enable whitelist or open for Public Minting
  • Add/Remove addresses to/from Whitelist
  • Modify Mint Revenue Sharing (Not available via UI yet)
More complex folder structure example:
(Create some folder like MyCollection -- this name doesn't matter)
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